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16 Teams | 1 Goal

The NAFL - North American Football League - is pleased to announce the selected cities for our inaugural 2016 season along with the corresponding team names and logos. Team stadiums have been identified and upon finalization of details, the stadiums will be announced.

Corresponding with meticulous planning, each city has been carefully selected through an extensive due diligence process. Each team is strategically placed throughout the United States for optimum market share and travel distance. Therefore, fan base and playing opportunities will be maximized. The NAFL will serve NFL-deficient cities and markets. However, regardless of where you live, the NAFL promises to bring the exciting game of football to existing and potential fans.

As with any business, especially the history of the past professional football leagues, the first two years are the most important period in assuring the success of the business. With that being said, the NAFL has implemented a strategic expansion plan that will insure the sustainability of the league for years to come.

The inaugural season will be celebrated with eight teams. Eventually, the NAFL will host a total of 16 teams across the country. The expansion plan will be implemented over the course of the first four years by adding four teams every two years to successfully reach the goal.

Expansion will begin in the mid-west and will continue to move westward as the NAFL continues to build a quality league. The league will consist of two conferences; the NFC in the east and the American Football Conference (AFC) in the west. The conferences will be divided by the continental states along the borders of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

Upon completion of expansion, each conference will be divided into 4 divisions with each division consisting of 2 teams. The NAFL, a professional football league will schedule its games during the spring and early summer months. The NAFL will not compete with the NFL, NCAA, or high school football seasons.

During our inaugural 2016 season, pre-season activities will start in April with our regular season starting the second weekend of May and running through the end of June. The play-offs and conference championship games will run during the first part of July and our season will cap off with the ultimate Championship Weekend; which will consist of the NAFL Championship Game and NAFL All-Star Game being played the second weekend in July.

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