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NAFL Charities | The Non-Profit Arm


NAFL Charities is the nonprofit arm of the North American Football League with a firm mission to mentor children and have players, coaches, and league personnel serve as role models in respective communities. NAFL Charities will provide college scholarships to worthy applicants under criteria to be posted at a later date. To receive an NAFL scholarship, applicants will have to meet rigorous academic and personal character standards.

By encouraging skill development on and off the field, the NAFL and its charity intend on preparing players for football and life.

Through NAFL Charities, the League will establish free summer camps in each team's city in an effort to extend playing time into teaching time. Over the course of a weekend camp, attendees will learn leadership skills, character development, and good citizenship from the NAFL mentors. The NAFL Charity will also work with and support local YMCA, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs to maximize its mentoring and character development outreach.

The goal of the NAFL is to not only develop players on the field but prepare them for life after football as well. In addition to on the field training, players will receive assistance with completing college degrees; obtaining post-season internships; and, post-football career counseling. The players will participate in personal growth programs including: fiscal management, domestic abuse, public speaking, The Tony Dungy All-Pro Dad’s curriculum, alcohol/drug abuse prevention, resume writing, etiquette, nutrition, etc. The expectation is to create well-rounded, healthy athletes who understand the importance of giving back to the community.

The NAFL Charity will work with local organizations in order to determine ways in which products or services can be provided. We do not want to create a one-size-fits-all program because of the wonderful, uniqueness of our football family and respective cities. Whether it is through a canned food drive to meet the needs of a local food bank; mentorship events for local schools to build character, work ethic, and citizenship; or, camps to encourage healthy living in children and adults, the North American Football League, the NAFL Charity, the NAFL Network, and NAFL Radio strive to excel at working with and for its supporting locations.

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