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The League | Pro Spring 2016

The NAFL - North American Football League - is a professional spring football league dedicated to giving team owners, coaches, players, and employees a platform to polish and perfect skills. Thereby, gaining the valuable training and experience essential to achieving ultimate goals. The NAFL will schedule games during the spring and early summer months.

The NAFL will not compete with the NFL, NCAA, or high school football seasons. Focusing on attention to detail will ensure the fans receive an exciting, affordable game of football virtually year round. The true lifeblood of any league is the fan base that supports the teams and players. Consequently, the NAFL is committed to providing the required quality organization that is mandatory for league survival.

The NAFL has assembled an exemplary executive staff, board of advisors, and board of directors. Board of directors are tasked with managing, overseeing, and guiding the league during the first four years of operation. Additionally, each board is comprised of top professionals in their respective fields of expertise in the industry. Numerous former professional athletes sit on each board.

NAFL teams will be run as a single entity for the first four years. As such, the league will be enabled to provide an efficient and cost effective practice of negotiating nationwide contracts and leases. Additionally, establishing a singular functioning foundation upon commencement will protect the NAFL vision and brand as it heightens along with the league expansion to 16 teams. This time will also allow the league to implement an exclusive, extensive training program for the teams and staff through NAFL University.

When expansion is complete after the first four years, team owners will own and operate the league with an appointed commissioner. Currently, each team owner has or will have minority ownership and is responsible for hiring internal football and business operations staff. The league, working in tandem with each team, will provide marketing and advertising while the NAFL Sports Network support staff will assist team owners with maintaining a successful operation on and off the field.

Drafts for the NAFL will be held annually. The first year will be a lottery draft. Each team will have two picks in each round. Each year the NAFL will hold a draft combine for interested players to showcase their talent for league personnel. Players will be evaluated and tested during the draft combine and entered into the draft pool. Teams will have an active roster of 50 players. In order to capture and engage the overseas fan base, each team will have a minimum of one foreign player on their roster.

While most leagues are still looking for league and/or team financing, the NAFL has completed this phase and is now in the in process of executing business and marketing plans. The NAFL has been working quietly behind the scenes for the past three years putting together a solid foundation to ensure league viability for years to come. The path has been primed to etch the NAFL signature into national and international history.

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