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Congratulations players on completing your collegiate football career. Your high school, college and/or professional football accomplishments are commendable. You may think that your football career is over…think again!

The NAFL - North American Football League - is America’s premier professional spring football league. We are excited about your interest in competing in one of the eight (8) regional combines and the potential of being selected to one of the team’s roster spots for our inaugural 2015 season.

The NAFL is a very serious and competitive level of football, which is why we believe that your football skills and athletic ability are well-suited for our highly competitive level of play. Our organization can offer you many avenues to continue your development as a football player and to provide you with the training and opportunities necessary to prepare you for life after football.

Most importantly, the NAFL provides a legitimate opportunity for you to reach your ultimate goals.

While the NAFL is new, the teams coaching and operations staff are very experienced and are putting together an organization that will undoubtedly push the league and teams into long term sustainability.

Throughout the season, you will be surrounded in a professional atmosphere with experienced coaching, medical, and training staff. Media coverage will be provided for all games, and professional prepared game films. In addition, the NAFL will have an extensive network that will open doors for job opportunities outside of football.

As you will read, the NAFL has implemented a fair program regarding the process, procedures and guidelines along with a competitive compensation package. If you are up to the challenge of contributing to the league’s newest and hottest teams, we encourage you to read and complete the registration process.

Please read through the instructions carefully. The entire process should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Below, you will find the links to the necessary information relating to the combines:


If you still have questions, please send an email to

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